How would I go about making an Anti-Explosion script?

So far, this is all I have tried out.

if Anti_Explosion == true then
HRP.ChildAdded:Connect(function(Obj) --HRP is HumanoidRootPart, it's a local above
if Obj:IsA("Explosion") then

As I said in my previous post on your topic, anti-exploits are almost never worth the time implementing since dedicated exploiters are going to just delete the script. Also I just tested on a local server, and explosions do not kill other players near the explosion.

But in my game, I want these specific exploits, and just a regular basic protection which I have, which kicks a player if the script is not there in their starters.

Once more, explosions will only kill their character. They do not kill any players near them. Do you really want to kick players for pretty much resetting their character?

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No, I just want to destroy the explosion, if that’s possible?

And what is the point? By the time you do so it will already have been created then instantly destroyed already. Local explosions on the local player’s character only reset their character. Absolutely zero harm.

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