How would I go about making CFrame train movement system?

Hello everyone! First of all, I know this has been probably asked a lot and I am sorry to ask again.

So, I have been wanting to create CFrame operated train movement system for a while now. (Examples of a games that use CFrame to move trains are Stepford County Railway and Streamline)

I have done a lot of research for months, I read all posts I could find regarding CFrame train movement system. The main problem is that I couldn’t find anything about how to start making such thing.

So straight to my question. How would I go about making CFrame operated train movement system? I am not asking for a whole script or anything, just how would I start on making it and basic movement of the different coaches.

Every bit of help is appreciated!


Look into this post, it may help How were the trains in Jailbreak done? [SOLVED] - #13 by Kord_K and this as well How can I make this train follow a curved path? I would assume you would have to connect all parts to a main part, which is then tweened using TweenService.

Thank you so much! It works perfectly. I’ve literally been searching for months and now I can finally do it!

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