How would I go about making custom CFrame Physics?

Hello developers! :wave:t3:
This is going to be quite a long post so I do not espect many or any responses but it would really would be appreciated if I got some help!

I am wanting some guidance on how I would go on about making custom CFrame Physics in Roblox. This is because I am wanting to enhance my Roblox Theme Park Rides. I am wanting to do this because, at the moment, my rides just run off Tweens on the client. So they are pretty smooth, but they rely on a lot of tweens to make them look as close as possible. For this, I mean, I need to use many tweens to get them to look like they are slowly slowing down. I am wanting to create my own as I want experience and something to do, and I do not have 200,000 R$ for TheEpicTwins system

Why don’t I use Roblox’s Physics?

  • I have learned through my experience when creating theme park rides on Roblox that Roblox’s physics are really not the way to go due to glitches and bugs. This is why I use Tweens on the client, which work just about.

What do I actually want to accomplish from this post?

  • I would like some information on how to create custom CFrame Physics. Like TheEpicTwins system
    and Hammerhead CFrame.
  • To start off with, I will stick to a system that I can use on flat rides and dark rides, as I really think roller coasters will be too difficult to do and process at this moment in time!

So if anyone is able to help me, whether that is by leaving some tips or even running me through how I would be able to create a whole physics system, please leave a comment on this post. It will help me so much. I appreciate anyone who even reads this, let alone anyone who is able to help me!! If I am still unable to do this, hopefully one day I will be able to get TheEpicTwins system :crossed_fingers:

Thank you, everyone!

What is the epic system??? Let me see his code

It is a bit tough,but it is possible,i see how it is done

TheEpicTwins system is a roller coaster / flat ride system (and more). It has custom CFrame physics and is at the top of the charts when it comes to this stuff.

TheEpicTwins System DevForum
TheEpicTwins System Docs (Has some info on how it works)

Yes haha, I have been wanting to create something like this for ages!
To start with, I will focus on flat rides. For example, a swinging ride. A ride that swings one way and another until it comes to a stop.

I have no idea how to do anything like this though, that is why I posted on here to hopefully get some help!

Usually we use plugins because it is too tough

Plugins to do what sorry? Create rides?

Yeah,it is like module script full of codes

If I may ask, what is the plugin called that you use to create rides? I will love to try it out!

U can serach pn roblox studio,they probably have some

Is that a plugin that is used to create theme park rides?
I cannot find anything. It come up with random tutorials when I search it on google, and comes up with nothing when searched on the toolbox.

Thats unfortunate,u create your script then by starting off with rotation

I am aware how to create rides with CFrame but not custom physics.
Thank you for trying to help me, hopefully someone will be able to help me in the future. :slight_smile:

how do you determaine where the cart goes? you use the compiled version of that coaster plugin or do you use cubic beziers?

if you use the model with parts to tween to.
just get a value speed and make a tween after each part that is speed / distance long.

adjust the speed by getting the hight difference of the current position and the target one.

then just add the hight difference to the speed value.

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