How would I go about making docs for modules?

I really like the docs for DataStore2, ProfileService, Topbar+ (v2), etc.

But I don’t know how to actually make them. Is it hard? Is there a tool to do it? They seem to use something from GitHub. But I never used it and I don’t know where to start. Does anybody have experience with that? I wanna add docs to DataStore+ | Flexibity with the berezaa method.

Here’s the ProfileService’s full guide. Idk about the other modules but they probably have a tutorial like this too.

Most Roblox open source repositories will have documentation hosted on github pages. Github pages is like “just a domain space” for the documents you’re going to upload, while there are several systems that can display your documentation - Material for MkDocs is what several develepors have been using.

Video tutorials on material are pretty scarce, so you should look into other options if it’s too difficult to setup. Start with generic github pages tutorials on youtube.

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Yep, to make good looking documentation using mkdocs which is a site generator is the most common option.

I have made an Imgur album tutorial to help you out, to start publishing a mkdocs website on a new public GitHub repository, using vscode though any other code editor will work like in pycharm IDE.

You can later follow a similar method to publish the repository on the same public GitHub repository as your open-source module but yeah it’s recommended to practice a bit and make a few mistakes as you can just delete the repository later.

This tutorial assumes you are:

  1. Logged into git and GitHub in the terminal

  2. Have VsCode installed, The reason why VsCode is used is that if you already use GitHub on Roblox you are most likely using Rojo through the VsCode extensions as it’s very easy to install and setup Rojo this way.

  3. Have python installed

  4. Have installed mkdocs already, using python through “pip install mkdocs” in the terminal

To style and format your docs and to actually use the material theme you can follow the Material for MkDocs documentation linked by @loleris as well as the MkDocs documentation and how to use markdown to write the websites.

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