How would i go about making hitboxes like in mortem metallum

I would like to know how to start making weapon hitboxes like those in mortem metallum ( Mortem Metallum [Alpha] - Roblox ) because the ones i’ve made previously are unreliable— also, i do know about the swordphin module but i’m tryna make this from scratch

Ty for support

Edit: i know the hitboxes use raycast but idk how to make the raycasts reliable because when i did my own version, the hitreg was terrible

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Sorry if the post is a bit messy, im currently on mobile

If you don’t know where to start just use a free resource. I know you mentioned you know of it already but I’m linking it for anyone else who might’ve been interested.

You could go through the resource yourself and pick up on some tricks.

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Yeh ive tried to read through that to see how it works but its too complicated for me to understand, maybe in the future I will understand,

Thank you for the reply though

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Dis was for an old game Lol

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