How Would I Go About Making Tatooine?

Hey guys, how would I go about making tatooine in roblox? What should I do for the terrain (e.g use blender, terrain tool) and what are the details I need to focus on to make sure it is a detailed build, that is fun for players to explore?
Also, how would I make dunes?

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sorry for taking a long time to respond, but I made this video, it is a bit laggy but hopefully it is what you wanted :+1:

As you can see in the video you can go to the “edit” page and pick “add” then pick “sand.” Or you can go to the “generate” page, pick the “position” and “size” then scroll down and pick “dunes” then generate it and you are all good. :+1:


You firstly need to decide the game style. Do you want it to be low poly or realistic? For a low poly build, I would suggest using Blender for terrain. If you are going for a more realistic approach then utilize Roblox’s terrain tools. Add small areas of civilization but don’t make it too big. Everyone likes to fly using ships or travel on a bike, so possibly make a few vehicles too. Try to make it as interactive as possible to attract guests to your game. Add buttons, and maybe even some hostile droids.


I forgot to mention that before all of what I said, you go to “terrain editor”

Hi octavodad! Glad you asked this question.

Making a Tatooine build isn’t too hard. You’re going to want to open the terrain tool and make some flat terrain with the sand material. Next, you should add small bumps throughout the place, which makes it more random and natural. And since you’re going for a tatooine build and terrain, go to terrain > properties > terrain colors (dropdown) > sand = a bit darker color than what you have now (drag it down in the color3 section)

As for the building, it’s basically this small little house/hut, you can use smoothplastic (cartoony) or custom textures (for realism which I recommend). There are also other structures you should make, so let me give you a reference to build off of.

I hope this helps, have a wonderful day/evening.

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