How would I go about making the projectile's damage rely on player's strength skill points?

So what I mean is that some games have like stats, like:


and such, f.e - here Przechwytywanie we got Strength points.

How would I make it so the projectile’s that I’m shooting damage relies on the Strength points?

What I mean is, the higher the Strength points the more damage.

Do I do some math or something?

When you apply damage, multiply it by the strength divided by something. Example: humanoid:TakeDamage(25 * (strength / 100)) The problem with this is that you might get people to pay for a bunch of strength and then one hit everyone, or that everything would be awful for people with lower strengths. You might want to clamp the value to somewhat avoid these problems.


Would also get exploiters taking advantage of it if you have no limit.

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Only if exploiters can edit their strength, which they really shouldn’t be able to in any game with good server-side security.

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There will always be a way to bypass the security. (Personal opinion)

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