How would I go about making this effect?

As the topic title asks, I’m wondering how I would make this effect, for a while now I’ve seen it being used more commonly. To be less vague the effect I’m looking at is the moon like shape. Not sure if it’s an asset that’s out there for free or an invisible mesh that’s wrapped in a texture/decal. :thinking:

Effect examples from a friend and @DahNoob; if you’re wondering why my friend won’t give me the asset themselves is cause it’s a game asset made by someone else. :sob:

If you know anything please let me know, I’d appreciate it, thank-you in advance!!


It looks like a Trail.

I would think that too, but from a different angle there’s curvature to it and a thickness which is why I’m assuming it’s a texture/decal around an invisible mesh.
Here’s another example, it might be hard to see but there’s 3 of these “things”;
If the video doesn’t load click the link if there is one, if not, here’s the link:

This is another example from one of DahNoobs creations;

It’s hard to see but I went frame by frame and you’ll see the effect or “thing” fade it and out briefly during attack phases of the animation.

Ah, strange. It may be something as simple as a texture applied to a SmoothPlastic Ball, or a Ball made of the Material ForceField. I know they can give strange variations to transparent decals or textures that are behind them.

That video looks like multiple Trails.
If you adjust things like transparency and speed/acceleration you’d get that ‘expanding’ effect from the item spinning around.

I appreciate your input but I wasn’t worried about the effects as a whole in that video, still focusing on the one effect I’ve been mentioning :sob:
Like I said, during attack phases of the animations you see it fade in and out briefly;

It’s the thick purple part, shouldn’t be hard to see, excuse gyazos quality x)
Don’t confuse it for the flatter one that lasts longer ;-;

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The texture they uploaded looks like it has a varying width with a transparent background, so that when it displays it ‘paints’ a constant path at the end of the weapon, but the inner edge of the trail varies.
Also idk if you’re aware of the Transparency of Trails being a NumberSequence, which means you can customize their transparency throughout their lifetime.

I understand that but it isn’t fading like a trail and it brings me back to the point of it having a thickness and curvature, I just can’t send a different angle of the asset rn because I didn’t save any for this, when I say “texture”, I’m talking about the literal object;
I’m starting to think they would have to make the mesh and the texture in said software to avoid having to mess with faces of it, so they’d instead use MeshTexture or TextureID :thinking:

I’ll worry about this later I guess, thanks for your responses though, appreciate it :+1:

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Basically, this is just a squished sphere that has a texture to go alongside with it that is mapped onto certain sides of the faces of the sphere. This in turn allows you to see the crescent effect and allows you to adjust width, size, etc.


I thought so, guess I’ll start making textures, thanks :+1:

How do i make a squished sphere?

This isn’t how you make a post, by adding it to another old post.
To make a squished sphere take a regular Part, insert a SpecialMesh into it, and change the SpecialMesh into a SphereMesh.
Now when you resize the Part it’ll look like an oval sized like the outer dimensions of the Part.

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Like @Scottifly said, asking an unrelated question isn’t the appropriate thing to do…but bringing my attention back to this post did remind me that I did eventually understand how to texture it. This was my final product :partying_face:
Still progressing in VFX, currently I’ve been experimenting with mesh deformation and manually adding new meshes per “desired frame” to replicate interpolation in the deformation itself.


People are finding this post but still not finding the tutorial I followed up with so here it is ;-;


This looks like 3 particle preset that use particle:emit(1), then he simply rotate the attachment while the particle is playing.