How would I go about removing the jump button for mobile users in game?

Hey! I’m dropping a new game called Tunnels (join the discord if you want) and I was curious how our team would go about removing the jump button entirely from mobile players to allow phone users to be able to see the screen easier.

Basically, we want the only thing on the screen besides the game to be the thumbpad. How do we do that?


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A really easy way is to just delete the button from your PlayerGui.


When the PlayerGui loads, a ScreenGui called TouchGui is added. That contains all the mobile UI. The jump button is located in there. Just delete the button as soon as it appears.

Not sure how reliable it is to use in the future but it works for now.


Im sure you can unbind it from the context action service (this and unbind might help) or also disable all the GUIs by turning it off in user input service or deleting it.