How would I go about starting my healthcare roleplay group?

Hello DevForum members!

I am the founder of Meraki, a healthcare group on Roblox!

Our system works sort of like dentistry groups, you receive an appointment and then wait for a doctor to help you.


Currently I have 0 group members and was wondering how am I supposed to get my high ranks filled with active, capable people before I release the group. Am I just supposed to run ads when I have a quality graphic and games and then post HR applications or is there another way?

If you have any ideas or suggestions please tell me. Thank you!

Starting from all, GRP (Group roleplay) games costs an enormous amount of money to build and maintain.
Especially if there’s not enough built-in systematic gameplay.
You should first hire a few staffs in GRP (Group recruitment plaza) or in discord, and then once the game is published sponsor (if game bad) or advertise (if game original) around 35~65K.
After that you’ll still need at least 20K a day forever since GRPs are too dependent