How would I go about using different GUI designs depending on the player’s device/screen size?

When you first create an experience, one of Roblox’s CoreGui is the leaderboard, and this has only been available on phones for a of couple months, even now Roblox’s leaderboard looks different on different devices. I want to replicate this, but I only know how to scale GUI, so how would I use the players device or screen size to change the way certain GUI looks? If someone can tell me how to get the screen size or something better, I can code the rest. Any help is appreciated, thank you.


You can use the various “Enabled” properties to determine what type of device a user is using, from there you can style the Gui which is shown to them accordingly.

Use this i do for scaling them on all device.


I use AutoScale Pro for automatically scaling, it’s so much better for the 25 robux.

AutoScale scales GUI on many devices, but I want to be able to have two frames and enable one when the player is on phone and enable the other when the player is on PC.

I could use this, but this wouldn’t work for all devices, like a Microsoft Surface which the screen is touch sensitive and you can plug in a mouse and keyboard.