How would i go about using MemoryStoreService to make a global leaderboard

so essentially i’m using datastore2, and i’ve done cross testing with both no global leaderboards and ordereddatastore leaderboards. i’ve noticed that new accounts joining the game when leaderboards are up recieve random money values apon joining for the first time, and this doesn’t happen when no leaderboards exist. this leads me to the conclusion that the use of ordereddatastores in datastore2 are somehow corrupting the data of new players in combination with the ordereddatastores that the global leaderboards use. i saw memorystoreservice, and the documentation for that says that it would work for global leaderboards, but how would i go about implementing this? i’ve looked at the documentation and several tutorials, but can’t understand how it works and also can’t find anything relating to it being used in leaderboards.

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