How would I go on about making a turn based battle system? (such as Pokemon's or Deltarune's?)

It’s what the title says; I want to create a turn-based RPG battle system, with examples being the one in mainline Pokémon games or the one in Deltarune. I’m not asking for a full script, just wondering if anyone has found/made a tutorial on how to do this or if someone can help me out a little. I’ve searched all over YouTube but it’s all just showcases with no tutorials, so I’m posting this here.

Also, sorry if this is the wrong category or if this has been asked before,

This is not simple. Tho they look lit anyway

Attacks, just add a health value and minus it whenever the player uses ATTACK

when the enemy fights, that’s complicated, you need a heart moving using wasd, and collision detection systems for both the attacks of the enemy and the walls

Act? Sure, add some options and add a value of mercy rate, I’d the mercy rate is 100, make it so you can spare.

Hope this helped

I’ll try to do something like this, thanks.

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