How would I go on to making my 3D Clothing Wearable without Scripting

I just finished making my own 3D Clothing in ROBLOX Studio without use Blender. I’m looking for a way to how I can weld it or somehow make it wearable without Script because I’m making this NPC use the 3D Clothing. it includes shoes, sleeves, and pants. this was a 1 hour project btw.

Solutions I searched on Youtube, it all included Scripting and I’m looking for a way without scripting. I searched Devforums couldnt find anything.


If there is no way of doing this without scripting then ill script it

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Screenshots are outdated theres now a 2.0 Model that looks alot better
but i still cant find a way to rig it or make it wearable

You may be able to do this with accessories:

I only see plugins as a way you can make them wearable.

You may be able to find plugins with these ideas you have in mind. However, you still need scripting to make this work.

I used Moon Animator’s Weld Tool it Surprisingly works.