How would I go with a custom Animate script, without overriding the animations

I couldn’t find a shorter title.

How would I do that? Basically change something in the Animate script, but without overriding the user’s animations.

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Which animations are you trying to preserve, the defaults?

It doesn’t matter. I’d want to keep the animations as they are, user’s choice, with modifications of the script.

Well my custom animate script stays serverside, and I just use folders to determine the animations needed per humanoid. One script handles all NPCs. Sky is the limit is you abandon the original script

I meant Animate script for the players, StarterCharacterScripts.

I use a copy of my master script for players, also serverside. The problem is the animation objects don’t replicate to client. You need to use StringObjects to call animations from the client.

So U can’t just copy paste the Animate script and edit it a little, without overriding the player’s animations?

You can, and if you leave it out there on the character, it will prevent the original script from loading.

Eh, I will have to find a way.