How would I have a Update Teleport people to s Reserved Server Globally


So I’m want to create a System where when i update the game, Players Playing the game will be Teleported to a Reserved Server anf then sent back

The Issue is, im not sure what Service or API to use.

How would I do this?

Automatic, but I think it’s a bit rough? you can also do it manually with MessagingService.

--		Detect		--
local Messaging = game:GetService("MessagingService")
Messaging:SubscribeAsync("Game update", function()
	warn("New version")

--		Send		--
local Messaging = game:GetService("MessagingService")
Messaging:PublishAsync("Game update")

join a server and write the last thing in the console

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you could create another experince and have them teleported Teleporting Between Places | Roblox Creator Documentation

Sorry for the late response,

I get that. I already know how to use TeleportService, but i was more of wondering about sending Global Server stuff rather than Teleports.

So this runs for all Servers and not just one?

If i print something inside it, does it print it for all games?

Yep, basically that’s the function of MessagingService.

My answer (which you linked to) is several years old. The solution it provides (except for a middleman web server, which is still feasible, but not ideal) is therefore outdated.

The easiest way to implement this (the OP’s request) is to provide a command in your game’s management console (e.g. restart-all-servers) which broadcasts a restart instruction over MessagingService, which game servers then execute.

OP, please refer to the creator documentation articles on Cross-Server Messaging for more details.

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I already have, i made sure to read documentation before giving solutions.

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