How would I import the fbx file in my game?

Good morning fellow devs,
I have a revolver in blender which I want to import in studio. However, when I try to import it as fbx, all the parts are imported, but when I put them as meshes, the parts stack one on top of the other, instead of forming the revolver as intended.

I’ve tried importing it as an obj, but the same happens.
By the way, collisions are turned off.

Any solutions?


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When it asks if you want to use the supplied position when importing did you click Yes or No? Try the opposite.

There is no such option in the import window.

I put a MeshPart into the Workspace, then click the MeshID file folder to search for where I have the Blender mesh stored in my computer and import it that way. Not sure if you can do that for multiple meshes at the same time though.

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Yes you can @Scottifly .
In Blender, select the hole mesh and export as FBX selecting “Mesh” and “Selected Objects” in the “N” Panel (This will leave you with only 1 file, but multiple objects inside)
After that in Roblox use a Mesh Importer Plugin

And if you did everything correctly it will import all the pieces of the mesh grouped and in the correct position, make sure anyways there are no welds in the parts or in your MeshPart cause that usually moves things around.


Thank you for your answer, which turned out to be the solution!