How would I improve my GUIs for my horror game?

So I have been working on a roblox horror game for about two months, and I haven’t gotten much done. One thing that has kept being a problem is my GUI design. On the main screen, there is a textlabel with the title of the game and below it a play button. Here is a picture of what it looks like:

It used to look much, much brighter, and once I decided that it was way too bright for a horror game, I tried to make it look darker. Unfortunately it doesn’t look as good as I hoped. The title is still too bright. When you enter the game, you see this menu, and behind it is a camera room, looking like this:

I overall don’t like the way the title and play button look, and I’m bad at GUI designing. Any tips to make it look better?


i Recommend Using a Well Known Plugin Called: Roundify,
Here is the Link for the Plugin if you want it:

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Unless I’m mistaken, Roblox has a built-in version of this plugin now:

I think for a base of UI Design, I mean at least it works.
That’s whats important.

Now you can start working on modifications to it.
I concur with the Honorable member @dududahora that you should get roundify.

Following on from it, you may want to consider contrasting the colours of the objects so the text stands out more. Because Red on Red isn’t very effective.

So, if you look at this:

This chart is very useful to identify what colors you should set against them. This might help you a lot with your base UI Design in regards to colours.

Secondly, this article here from @GameDevSky about UI Design is extremely helpful in learning what makes a good UI so I recommend reading it.

Stay Safe and Stay Creative


here is an example of my latest gui’s related to horror.

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As the genre is horror, you need to make the UI horror, which is obvious.

Have you considered using textures (not for parts, like brushes of X etc) of blood?

I like the simplistic theme currently along with the colour choice! My only suggestion would be moving away from blocky/studio produced interface. Understanding themes and settings will help with this. For a horror game, smaller, red and deep reds would be very effective. Try experiment with shapes if you can!

I know how to use UI corners, I just didn’t think it work well for a horror game. The color chart is very helpful, and I think it would work nicely. I always have trouble with making the red look a little more like blood. I’ve been using the studio default TextLabels, and from what @SirBunnydemolisher has, it looks like an ImageLabel. I’m not good at creating things for imagelabels, so I don’t think I can manage to make it look that good. You all seem to be suggesting that making the edges round is a good idea, so I guess I’ll try that. In the meantime, I’ll keep experimenting with UI to make myself familiarized with the properties and everything. Thank you for the help!

use this website for fonts, they are in png,

i use image labels and make the play buttons image buttons, this website is easy to use.

ah, that’s very helpful, thank you.

its what i do, i usually do this to everyone, good luck!

Now that roblox has released new fonts, I don’t think I need to use anymore. I did look at it and it has lots of good fonts, but for the current horror game, I think the new ones will work just fine. I may use it in another project.