How would I increase server performance when using a lot of parts?

So, I have 8 25 story buildings, all floors have interiors, I have ran some tests to see how performance would hold up and I see I am dipping into the 40’s in fps while looking at all 8 buildings from the ground. I even set the entire structure to CanCollide false but still get the performance loss. I disabled shadows on all lights, I am using the future lighting so I figured shadows could be causing it, it helped a little but still significant performance cost.

As for my PC neither my GPU or CPU go over 50% so it is for sure a server related issue, what steps can I take to increase the server performance?

If you are turning off CanCollide, you could turn off CanTouch and CanQuery as well. If you use MeshParts, you can set RenderFidelity to Performance and CollisionFidelity to Box.


Give this reply a read, it will help improve performance in large part game:

Enable StreamingEnabled in the Workspace button.