How would I Insert a Folder with children via Plugin?

So I’m trying to make this plugin, but it won’t work unless I figure out how to insert a Folder that has 8 items in it,
(they’re all ImageLabels).

I tried to just insert the Folder into my Plugin Script…Apparently that’s not how you do it.
I’m trying to figure out a way so that I won’t have to insert 8 image labels via script and resize and change their images…But if worst comes to worse I will do it that way.

Does anyone know of something that’d help? Thanks

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I made a plugin like this a while ago, actually (if I’ve understood correctly). you just select the items you want to put in the folder, then click the button (you can assign a hotkey for quicker access too):

Although that plugin is useful, that’s not exactly what I’m trying to do.

What I’m trying to do is Select an Object, then when you click the button, it inserts a folder with 8 image labels all set to certain size/image. If that makes sense.

I’d preferably not have to manually set all that in a script…but if I can’t just bring a folder along in the plugin to clone. I will just code it in.

oh I see. no, you should be able to parent a folder to your plugin script. as long as everything you want to be a part of your plugin is packaged up together when you publish the plugin, it’ll all be there.