How would I insert certain scripts into somebody when called upon

I am trying to make a script that inserts specific scripts into a player when I ask it to.

for example: if I had script1, script2, and script3, all disabled in server script storage, then when I call “script1” it places script1 into the player. If I call “script 2” it does the same thing but for script2.

this is for an infectious virus in my game, that gives people different symptoms. If there are any better methods of accomplishing this, please let me know. thanks.

you could use module functions that affect the player directly id reckon and call on them with one script id say, or you could do that method as you mentioned also, id use the cloning aspect if thats the case in the main script, oh, and inside the player make sure they’re enabled, by using script1,2,3.Enabled = true i think