How would I keep the player moving on the ship?

I’m making a game named Space Kitties. Co-op Space Exploration game. I wanted a system where the players can fly the spaceship to different planets together. However, I can’t find a way for players to be attached to the Spaceship, like they do in Lethal Company.

This game is nowhere near the gameplay of Lethal Company. It’s my own idea I just found that game on YouTube and thought how perfect the players attach to the ship.

Here’s a video of what I don’t want vs what I do want. I would like the player to have the ability to walk around the spaceship.

I have tried using this but it seems buggy for my spaceship. It ends up teleporting me outside.

Preferablly too. I would like the player to be able to Rotate with it as well, so it looks like their walking on a flat surface but their actually rotated.

How are you moving the ship?

I suggest a alignposition and toggle “centerofmass” property

Then use that jailbreak platform code and only check for climbing, jumping, and falling down states when its casting to update cframe because the player momentum is lost when a player does any of these 3 states

I want to try something else. The doors on the ship are forced closed by default until the ship completely lands. I think I could just animate the world itself instead of having to animate the ship.