How would I keep velocity when jumping, for ice

Currently, my icy bricks in my obby do make the player slide, but as soon as the player jumps, the icy effect stops.

Heres a clip:

as soon as the player jumps, the ice effect goes away, how would i make it so if the player jumps, they still go in that direction?

Show snippet of code that makee player slip/slide on the ive then we can discuss how we can edit it to accomplish your goal

There’s no code making the player slip, it’s automatic with the material. I think they miscategorized it.

This category would be appropriate for this post:

I’m not sure if there are any properties that would allow this, you could try storing the players velocity before jumping then after they jump set there velocity to that along with the jump velocity.

its in the right category. I need a piece of code to keep the players velocity when the player jumps

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its a custom physical property, 0, 0.15, 20, 1)

then i assign it using

Part.CustomPhysicalProperties =, 0, 0.15, 20, 1)

Tbh just disabling jump or making jump super short will be easier

I need jumping though, and jumping needs to be the same height.