How would I load this animation?

Working on a commission, our animator give me these gun animations but I have no clue how to load them.


how would I load this into the humanoid and also animate the gun?

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you simply do:

local humanoid = script.Parent--get the humanoid
local animation = humanoid:LoadAnimation(script.Parent.Animation--animation location)

looped animations can be stopped using:


for reference, click here.

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I tried that. However it did not seem to animate the gun.

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is the gun a tool, and is it welded to the arm?

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Its a tool, And yes I welded it to the hand like in the animation rig.

is the whole gun weld malfunctioning, or is the gun not following the player’s hand when the animation is played?

The arms move, however the gun does not animate. Mag being taken out ect.

you’ll have to manipulate the welds and the mag’s position, the animation is not bugged. It’s a hard job.

Any tips on where to start? I honestly don’t know how to do this.

you can start by learning about CFrame ( and Welding. This will help a lot

I don’t see how that would load the animation into the guns.

it’s not any animation error, it’s the gun’s components that should be manipulated.

How are you welding the gun to the character?

MotorD6 is what I am currently using. as for the animators instructions.

Did you make the weld on the animation dummy or did the animator?

Ok, so i did some debugging, I cloned the rig directly into player and that seemed to have worked. From there I made a tool and just loaded that animation and it worked. Right now im working on playing the animation when needed.

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