How would I lock a limb (or a few) in the exact same place while animating?

I am currently trying to animate an R6 animation where someone bends down, throws their arms back and then quickly flings them up into the air (basically like an iron golem from Minecraft lol), but I need the torso to move a lot which moves every other rig attached to it relative to the torso. This usually isn’t a problem, however I want the legs to stay in the exact same place like the default standing animation throughout the whole animation. I technically could pain-stakingly move the legs into the exact same place every keyframe, but I honestly just really don’t want to do that and it would take a really long time with how many keyframes are in the animation. Is there any way to do this? Copy and pasting keyframes doesn’t work, as it updates the position of the legs relative to the torso. Any help is appreciated.
PS, I could supply media such as videos to help demonstrate what I’m trying to achieve if wanted.

Limb.Anchored = true

Limb being a reference to one of the player’s character’s joints, i.e; head, torso etc.

That would work in my case, however I am also looking for a solution to the animation that could be used while doing an action of some sort like walking or jumping.

Though, if I don’t get another solution in a little while, I’ll mark this response as the solution. Thanks for the help.

no solution :confused: ? I have the same problem here

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