How would I make 3D beams?

How would I go about making 3D beams?

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i dont understand like beams but they have a 3d look to them or…? something else.


I just don’t want a beam to be like an image…

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oh so 3d look for that follow these steps:

Step 1: get the origin and destination
Step 2: C O D E

local start,dest
local p ="Part")
p.CFrame =,0.5),dest)
p.Size =,1,1)
p.Anchored = true
p.CanCollide = false
p.Parent = workspace
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What is that code…? And what does it do?
Edit: I don’t think that’ll work. It just creates a part and the size will be start-dest.magnitude and etc. Though the start and the destination isn’t even set. Also, It’s a beam, not a part…

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Check the documentation:
Beam | Roblox Creator Documentation
You can do all sorts of effects with them.

What are you trying to use this beam for? A gun, an explosion, a sun flare?
If you give us a good description of what you are trying to accomplish we can help you better.


It’s for a bullet for a gun system:
But when I shoot, the beam looks like that because of the face camera:
I just want to make it more realistic by making it 3d, so it actually looks like that:

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So more of a Trail type effect?

Kinda. It shouldn’t be a trail though, because I need it on a specific position. It moves with the bullet too.

Why not just model an actual beam?


I don’t know how. Even with a tutorial on blender.

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And what about the gradient, the brightness and all that kind of staff? And transparency?

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You could try using multiple beams, have a circle of start attachments at one end and another for the end attachments.


That’s exactly what a Trail does. It ‘trails’ behind whatever your object (vehicle, Part, Humanoid etc.) is while moving.
I’ve used it to leave a track behind vehicle wheels that fades out. You can make it stay in place or move with the object.
You can also control the Gradient and Transparency Properties.


I just fixed the issue by adding a part with a color similar to the beam. A 3d beam should be a better feature, but that works for now.

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You probably don’t want 3D beams and I’m going to explain you why.

  1. Bullets move so fast, nearly not a single person in the world is going to notice that your beam is a flat image.

  2. 3D models might cost significantly more computing power to render compared to beams. having 100s of bullets all rendered fully 3D might degrade the performance of your game.

  3. A 3D model would be mostly static and not animated. Beams and trails can be animated to make bullets look more dynamic and interesting.

If you really want 3D bullets I won’t stop you, you could use parts or a mesh and stretch it from one point to another.
But I don’t think it’s worth the effort in the end if almost no one notices the difference between a 2D and 3D bullet.

The only times I would use 3D bullets personally is if the bullet is either VERY large (like a rocket from a rocket launcher) or a plasma cannon firing a very wide beam for example that pierces through multiple targets.

I hope this info helps.


I’ll agree with you. You’re actually right.

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