How would I make a abandoned medieval house?

I’m very new to modeling, and am wondering how I would make a abandoned medieval house and texture it with high quality textures after smoothing it?

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With the new materialservice you can make your own textures in something like substance 3d painter, blender, etc. and export its maps. For the house itself I’d watch some 3d modelers on youtube creating similar. I find mood boards useful in designing OC, maybe it’d help for you?


Substance 3d painter costs 150 dollars. That’s over priced for just one or two very high quality models! Although, I can use blender. Should I have it multiple parts and then assemble it in roblox studio and use normal materials?

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Also, I’m a programmer more then anything (So I’m not the best at 3d modelling)

Exporting by material always works if you intend to use Roblox’s textures, yeah. It would likely perform better than a singular mesh with a high-res texture as well.

Thanks! I guess that’s what I would do! Marking this as solved