How would I make a arm wrestling system!

I was coding my game that is going to be like arm wrestling simulator: Arm Wrestle Simulator - Roblox and I need help making a system like theres where the AI will fight back and you will fight the AI enemy. I am only having troble because in arm wrestling simulator you cannot do to much damage to a enemy. I am having trouble with like a fighting system like arm wrestling simulator I want to deal upto a number like 1 trillion. or like 💪arm wrestling simulator💪 - Roblox but mostly the most popular one.

I wanna have the idea of how I should code this. or a example.


I think u can make bots have wresting power per second and to beat bot u need to spam button that will be multiplied with Player power and that will be player arm wrecking power. If this value is less then bot beat you else player will beat bot. If values are almost same then bot will get tired (around 5 sec) and then bot loses. (If you are able to hold click rate)


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