How would i make a ball that chases you using LinearVelocity

So i have this system pretty much done except for the part where you actually hit the ball towards your opponent, Well i also have that part done but when you hit the ball it instantly goes towards the opponent your hitting it towards, I want it to have that like drift where depending on the speed it will slowly slow down. Ive looked all over the devforums and havent found anything that actually helped. Also im aiming for the ball’s physics to be like Blade Ball’s system. Also please only respond if you know exactly what im referring to. (hopefully i made it clear enough of what im wanting)

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Have you tried tweening the LinearVelocity’s Velocity property? I believe that should do the trick for a gradual change.

Im not just trying to get it to slow down, I also want it to have like a drift lol, If you wanna better understand what i mean join blade ball play a round or two and you will see what i mean you when you dodge/hit the ball while the ball is going at a fast speed, it hits the ball but the ball slows down in a weird way, I know they use LinearVelocity to move the ball, Which i honestly dont know how they do the actual dodging/hitting part. im not sure exactly what its called but ig just a force behind it and the force of the ball slowly stops. Ill post a video of my product and you can kind of compare on whats different.

Here is the video of my product.


Is there something wrong in this picture?

Just wondering what you’re using all this help for.

I’m learning lol also i enjoy your game and thought id attempt to make one of my own.

Ah okay. I wouldn’t mind either way, just anxious about competitors on the market. I know some will pop up soon. Thanks for enjoying the game, though. :slightly_smiling_face:

Ya, Understandable. I’m mainly using this as a learning experience, And am genuinely curious on how some stuff in the game works. Other than that I don’t think ill release this game. :saluting_face: