How would I make a bow like projectile?

I’m currently making a bow and it’s really fun to make so far. However, I am having difficulty making the way the arrow curves like a bow.

Since I don’t think you can do this with a AssemblyLinearVelocity, how would you do this?


EDIT: while the picture shows a bow being shot at a target, I want to just know how to make the projectile curve like that

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Firstly you will need how to make raycasts from bow’s spot of shooting to the location that is shooting. Then you could add a small force that would make the arrow move down a bit as to simulate gravity and also a huge force so the arrow can move from the bow position to the target.

This is the Force I was talking about: BodyForce

and this would be an article that includes raycasting.

Raycast Roblox Article: Intro to Raycasting

If you are not sure how those two work you can go watch some videos from youtube to see in what cases they are used and also some games like Lua Learning could also be in handy.

I would have an anchored part and then use raycasting to add position to it.

You would have a vector which is the front. The speed will be the vector times the velocity.

Now, your raycast will be in the direction of “speed” and the part will add “speed” to its CFrame position, and the part will be looking at “speed -, gravity, 0)”

All of the vectors are multiplied by a delta time.

this video should help you


While this is useful, it would be kinda difficult to implement but it’s still a really good tutorial

I think the context that I provided was a little confusing. I just wanna know how would I be able to get a bow-like curve in a projectile. I’m sorry because I believe the image I showed was misleading.

You can use lerping to move the projectile to a specific point in time. You can subtract gravity from your end position by using simple math.

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I found an alternative way (that uses some of what you said) but thanks for the help!