How would I make a car pack?

So I am not a scripter at all but I want to make a car pack how would I do this?

So what I have ready is a dealership made by How To Make in Roblox Studio the cars bought from the dealership are stored in server storage in a folder named (PurchasedCars) I want the car pack to be like a limited-time pack that gives the cars once a player buys pack/gamepass this gamepass sends the cars to the players folder named PurchasedCars Also I want the cars still available in the shop if they do not own pass.

If anyone would help me I would be happy!


Do you expect someone to completely code it for you, if so hire someone. If not, I can help you out on figuring out how to achieve this but in the end you need to learn scripting to make it happen.

Ok Me7 where should i start like scripting wize related to this?

start of by storing the cars in a folder that is in replicated storage.

if a player wants to spawn a car check if they own that the desired gamepass for that car if so spawn there selected car by cloning it from replicated storage

ok ill try that like is there a proper term for that or just cloning

for more imformation

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Pixel has got it, my idea was literally the same. Folder in rep storage, if they wanna spawn a game pass car check if they have the pass, if not prompt the pass, if they have it clone it and spawn the clone.

how much would this cost for someone to script?