How would I make a character visible through walls?

Hello, I am trying to create a “tagging” projectile that makes a Players’ Character visible through walls after it hits them. I’ve tried creating a SurfaceGUI with AlwaysOnTop on and a frame inside it for every face of every part on the character, but this doesn’t work very well because A: It’s a lot of Instances to add only to destroy a few seconds later, and B: It makes the details of the character invisible through the boxes created by the SurfaceGUI’s and Frames, which also makes them look boxy through walls, rather than showing the different shapes of the Meshes that make up their character.
I have the projectile and hit detection down, I just need help with how to make the character visible through walls(and then remove the effect after a time).

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The best way is probably with GUIs, and to just stylize them so they look good enough.

However, you could see if a ViewportFrame would suit your needs.

If not, I suppose you could create a minature vesion of the character (<0.1 studs tall) and move it really close to the camera lol

How would I use ViewportFrames on SurfaceGUIs? I’ve tried a couple times, but they turn invisible.

I wouldn’t use a SurfaceGui, that would distort the image.

I’m imagining a screen-space viewport whose camera is aligned with yours. It will then require some WorldToScreenPoint and a bit of other math to line it up with the real character.

This sounds fun, might take a crack at it later.

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Alright, I’ll try it.

I’ve been experimenting with this since you told me about it, and it’s working perfectly!
Thank you!