How would I make a chat logger tool

So I want to create a screen that shows what a player is saying when they have a specific tool equipped.
Here’s an example:

I want to also change the background of the screen such as making a control room.

I didn’t understand the point, can you explain?

Create a tool of your choice
Insert a local script into that tool and use a Player.Chatted event that fires a remote event with the text the user provided. (Include if the tool is equipped and such)

Then have a server sided script that listens to the remote event and handles the text by changing textlabel.text or whatever you’re editing.

I’ll create a model in a bit, give me 10 or 15 minutes.

Here you go
adam.rbxm (7.0 KB)
Do not use this as it provides no security and no filtering. Take it as an example.

The first part has been done. The second part is that I want to have a screen and there’s a button where you can change it from different screens.

The file is blank. Could you create a model?

It isn’t blank, try dragging it into studio and pressing F, everything required is in the part.

I forgot to reply but that didn’t work.

I’ve downloaded the file directly from the site and it works, are you sure you’re dragging it into studio?

radiosystem.rbxl (35.8 KB)

I made this radio system a while back, please don’t copy it! Try and read through the code and learn how it functions. :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

Well, if you did that on Google before doing this post, you would have an answer but here it is anyways:

First, you need a script that uses the Player.Chatted event. Every time a player sends a message, the message can be logged via this event. You will need to look for how to find the message text, but I’m guessing it’s in the parameters of the event though I’m not a pro scripter. Make sure this is a local script, so you can use a remoteevent to fire the information to the server script later on.

In Adonis, it uses a UIConstraint and instances a new TextLabel for each time the message is activated. That way the positioning is set, and it’s also in a ScrollingFrame.

If you’ve done everything so far, you need to fire the info to the server to make it so when you clone the TextLabel’s then everyone can see them. I don’t think I need to explain Client-Server relationship, so yeah.

im not a pro scripter this is just an educated guess on what you would do, with some external sources as well

Yeah i dragged it in but nothing happens.

Yea mate, sorry for late reply. I’ll upload it as a roblox model, but like I said, take the model as a learning experience and not a product to be used for games.

thing - Roblox

The tool didn’t work, I was I suppose to put stuff somewhere or not, because I didn’t.

Jacobi you should try looking inside the script as it is correct and worked for my when I was developing it. Like I said it’s not meant to be used for games as it provides no security or filtering. It’s just for a learning experience.

Oh yeah, when you said that I thought u meant to not put it into a game and use it. I didn’t knew i meant by it would work or function.

It should work, but I don’t really know what the problem is in your case. Just look at the code as it’s correct and you’ll have understand what you need.