How would i make a checkpoint effect?

how would i go about creating an effect when you reach a new checkpoint in an obby?

for example lets say that i reach the next stage. when i touch the next checkpoint a confetti effect happens on the checkpoint

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make a folder in the checkpoint script called confetti and inside of it put a bunch of particle emitters with different colors. now put this script in the checkpoint part of the script

--if u want it on the checkpoint do this (if ur doing this make v.Parent = confettiPart)
local confettiPart = checkpoint
--if u want to make it on the plr do this:
local confettiPart = plr.HumanoidRootPart

local confetti = script.Confetti:Clone()
confetti.Parent = confettiPart
wait(1) --how long the confetti lasts
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local Particles = ParticleEmitter:Clone()
Particles.Parent = checkpoint
Particles:Emit(x) -- replace X with how many particles you want
Particles:Destroy() -- the particles will have been emitted anyways, so remove it
--with debris service or a simple :Destroy()
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that might not be colorfull but does it work?

You just use the colorsequence for the particles.