How would i make a discord verification system?

Ive seen alot of games have this system and im curious on how its made.


I guess that works with something called “Discord Webhooks”. Give it a try, here’s an useful asset that may be useful for you:

what are you trying to make out of it?

the exact thing in the picture above just a verification system to verify if you are in the discord server

not sure this is what im looking for considering this is just to send webhooks

you need a discord bot and use HTTPService

what the bot will do is receive input with express.js and look inside the discord if they are in there or not.

it is kinda of a lot in the mind, but here.

local isInDiscord = game:GetService("HttpService"):GetAsync(url.."/verify?discordTag")

then on the web server you’d check with the discord bot.

you can create a web server using and select node.js after that you need to know how to make a discord bot. There are multiple tutorials on how to do this.

ill see what i can do considering ive never touched node

it isnt a usually thing roblox developers do. Good luck.

Any tutorial recommendation mate?

Webhooks just send messages, bots can find out which players are in a server.

oh, understand… thank you verry much!