How would i make a drag to build system?

I am trying to make something that if you hold your mouse button down it will create a line of blocks.

I have tried making this by setting a parts size to the magnitude between the first mouse position and the last mouse position. That didnt go so well, and it is quite important that it only uses 1 part to visualize where the parts will be built.

so, how would i do that?

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i already have a build tool that can build and that, i just want to add so that you can hold down the mouse button to build a line of blocks

Here are some drag to build system ideas

F3X tool, easy to scale, drag and texture blocks (ONLY SAVES IF YOU KNOW HOW TO) When you do save it, you can also add it to studio.

Khols Admin btools, this is the the same one ROBLOX uses on their tempelate games, but F3X is better than Kohls Admin btools.

Hope this can help,

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no, this is for a game, a tool in the game. I dont need building help, i need scripting help

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How i would go about it is maybe with the following ideas in mind:

  • The magnitude between the point where you clicked and the point where your mouse is ( I would suggest using UIP for this as you can get this info from the inputobject.

  • If your build system uses a grid, you will want to try get the cells which the line is hovering over

Iā€™m not sure how you would get that to work but it is possible

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It is fixed, thanks to CheOsana on the roblox discord server. I just grabbed the wrong magnitude. Instead of (Vector1-Vector2).Magnitude i used Vector1.Magnitude-Vector2.Magnitude to get the length between the 2 points