How would i make a drawing saving system

Hi! So i’m currently working on a game where you can draw something and turn it into 3D, but i have an issue, how could i make a saving system for those drawings ? My drawing system creates hundreds of little parts that have x positon, y position, color, and size.

I’m not asking for a script but just for how would it work

Any help will be greatly appreciated!

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What games do is get the actual drawn thing, scan all the pixels to then convert into thousands of parts into a 3D drawing.

Making a functional drawing pad on Roblox is hard enough, you can try Googling some solutions first.

I’ve already made that, what i meant is how could i make players able to save and load their drawing when they rejoin ?

If each pixel is a block then save each blocks colour in a certain folder then add them and their colour to a table which is save in a data store. To load it require the table and loop through it taking how many times it has looped and use that as the index. Finally set the colour of the parts of the current blocks to the value of old part using the index