How would I make a give points script with a :Chatted event

Title says it all, I am making a give points script for a group but I am having trouble on how I should make it, any help?

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You could start by looking up the items you need to accomplish this, considering this category is not quite the space for code distribution.

Some things you’ll want to seek are:

  • Player.Chatted
  • String library
  • String manipulation

That’s assuming the script is meant to be rudimentary and isn’t anything big. You’ll also need to take into consideration the system you’re working with, if there is one at all, or if you’re expected to manage points creation in addition to this command script as well.

It is imperative that you search first before asking a question here. A quick search can yield a lot and so can reference models from the toolbox. In fact, I found a tutorial for admin commands on the Developer Hub. It uses chat modules from the Lua Chat System though.


Please try to stay inline with the rules/guidelines on About the Scripting Support category. What have you done to try to fix the issue, what errors occured, code, etc.

Here’s a sort of proto structure of what you should be doing for the code though:

  1. a table full of the functions for commands, name, description, calls, rank, etc.
  2. a function that adds a command to that table
  3. Chatted event that does string manipulation to check if it’s a command and what command to run.