How would I make a good waterfall using the water provided in Roblox Studio?

I want to know how to make a good looking waterfall without to many effects. I have tried and failed many times so I need suggestions… Thanks!


Rather than using water, you could use a tool such as this. It produces really nice waterfalls.


I agree with using this. I suggest making a waterfall with water terrain, then using the plugin to overlay the waterfall beam over the terrain.

This makes a nice effect


I have used this before. I am choosing not to use it because 1. it is not too original and 2. It doesnt really fit my build. Tho if I can find a similar but different plugin, I may consider that. I may try what Zabazz is saying.

You can adjust the waterfalls during placement with the custom mode. Alternatively, you can place them and then change the textures afterwards.

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