How Would I make a GUI That Gives A Data Base of All Roblox Players?

I am creating a game for characters to make friends furthermore I require the help of how I can hold a GUI that will show me the whole Roblox player DataBase when you click a button.

No issue I just do not know how I can make it happen.

I know how to make the frame of the GUI just not to make it do what I want it to do.

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Why would you want to have a gui that displays every users account on it? I can’t imagine how it would load. I would imagine you could use something which counts every singles user id? But that would take for ever.


I want it so people can access the players username. The game would be a way to make friends.

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Like players in the game? Or all the players on roblox?

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The games’ main purpose is to serve as a hub for all players of any kind on roblox to meet new people and make new friends. I want a gui that you can enter a username and it will show it on a screen, there profile.

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You could probably set up a webhook using https service which retrieves roblox website page stuff, but I am not familiar with that sort of stuff.


Neither am I.
Is there a way I can make the GUI so I click it and then it goes to a menu where it shows a data base of the players who join which can make there own in game profile?

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Yes, you could do this using datastore

How would I go about doing that?

This requires scripting. First of all, you need the server to handle the data stores where it will later send to a target client which then will display the GUI. Second of all, you could create a “card” displaying every stat of the player’s data, depending on the UI design. This needs some knowledge around UI designing, which shouldn’t be difficult.

If it’s otherwise stats on Roblox, you need to utilize HttpService to retrieve such information and then request the correct endpoint:

I’ve also changed the category to #help-and-feedback:scripting-support, since it’s majorly covering the scripting part rather than its design.


Alright, thank you, and what would I do first?

Try to get a sense of what information you want displayed. We are not exactly sure what you’re trying to succeed in.

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I will make another post explaining what the game is.