How would I make a Hover for name and Group ranks

Hi! I would like to make something where you hover over someone and it would say Group(s) ranks, for example, I am in TestGroupMain, and TestGroup1, when someone would hover over me it’d say:

TestGroupMain - TestingRank1
TestGroup1 - ACoolOne

Note: I want it to say Multiple groups.
Please help with this, I really want to find out how to create something like this! Thank you.

You could use a billboard GUI on the player’s head and give it to them with player:OnCharacterApoearanceLoaded.

No, I don’t want it on the head… I want it to be on Hover it will show near the Torso their Groups Ranks.

Check out player:GetMouse(), mouse.Target would be your go-to.

Then you’d want to use players:GetRankInGroup or players:GetRoleInGroup (depending on whether you want to manually define ranks or not).

GetRankInGroup returns a numerical value (the role priority) whereas GetRoleInGroup returns a string. The string returned is the role’s name.

Okay, I’m going to be honest I don’t understand much of this(Maybe I understand like 30%)
Can you try writing me the script(s) and put “–” then explaining it. I prefer that way, as it helps better for me.(It let’s me learn it faster, easier, and better.)
As well as please say the location if you are going to do this.

I can give you a little bit of a starting point, I can’t give you whole scripts though. You’d have to check out #collaboration:recruitment for that.

This would be a local script:

local players = game:GetService('Players')

local localPlayer = players.LocalPlayer
local mouse = localPlayer:GetMouse

local groupID = 123456

mouse.Move:Connect(function() -- the mouse object's .Move event
    local target = mouse.Target -- this is the part
    if target then -- if there is a target then
        local player = players:GetPlayerFromCharacter(target:FindFirstAncestorOfClass('Model')) -- this is the player that is at the mouse's target if there is one
        if player then -- if there's a player then
            print('My rank in the group is,'player:GetRankInGroup(groupID)) -- output the rank
            print('My role in the group is',player:GetRoleInGroup(groupID)) -- output the role

This doesn’t really help much… As this isn’t what I wanted, and I don’t really want to recruit somebody… Do you have and video tutorials, again as a example:
You hover over them and it says their groups ranks(Multi-group ranks) and their username on hover. It displays text, not that It displays it in Console.

The point of this thread isn’t to JUST provide third party tutorials.

I’m not only asking for TPT, I’m asking for the scripts and maybe if your nice and good at explaining to explain it.

@7z99 gave you a script already - reading it might help.

I’ve read it but,

print('My role in the group is',player:GetRoleInGroup(groupID)) -- output the role

Doesn’t seem like that is what I want,
This from my point of view it printing once hovered into the Dev. Console, which isn’t what I really want…
I’m looking for if you hover over, it will display a Billboard GUI with text, and when you stop hovering over it goes invisible.

If you want that you’d need to create a billboard gui template, and then clone it and adornee it to the player’s torso when needed.

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