How would I make a melee view model?

So my friend and I are making a realistic survival game based on the year 13000 BC, It’s called “Before the Common Era”, but that’s not the point. We’re currently stuck on the view model process and the reason why is neither of us have no clue how to make one. I already have the arms and head done, very simple, but we don’t know how to script it. Does anyone know any good tutorials or any way of doing this?

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I would use CurrentCamera and use also the player’s character to do so.
Here is a script that I did myself, it’s not for items but is already a good start:

local plr = game.Players
local plrCam = plr.CurrentCamera
local tool = game:GetService("ServerStorage").ToolNameHere

plrCam.Position = 1 -- Replace 1 with the position of the camera
elseif tool.Equipped = false then
local char = plr.Character
plrCam.Position = plr.char.Position

I need help with this as well. I have a viewmodel with a melee tool and I am not sure how to detect a hit because the viewmodel is in the camera. I really need some help