How would I make a movable custom camera similar to the build mode camera in Bloxburg?

I want to make a 3D map in my game. My plan on how I would make it is that whenever the player clicks on a GUI button, their camera will have the POV of a floating part (the floating part will be the camera for the 3D map and will be above the model that will be the 3D map) and they will be able to move the camera around freely, allowing them to view the 3D map. They can also press a button to go back to viewing the normal players camera.

My issue is that I don’t know how I would make a movable custom camera. As said in the title, I want the camera to be similar to the build mode camera from Bloxburg


any ideas on how I could make this?

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You can get the camera on a localscript by doing:


There are more details on Camera | Roblox Creator Documentation
You can also watch Advanced Roblox Scripting Tutorial #28 - Camera Manipulation (Beginner to Pro 2020) - YouTube to learn more about controlling a player’s Camera

I already know how to manipulate the camera. I’m not a pro at it, but I know that the video you linked isn’t going to help me that much, but after doing a little bit more searching, I’ve found a video that I can work with:

My new plan is to make it so when the player presses right shift (or some random other button), the floating part (aka the camera) will follow the mouse around. Making the camera move left/right and up/down will be something I worry about another time. I’ll post the solution here once I’m done making it (I’ll come back here with an update if my plan doesn’t work)