How would I make a part with velocity stay in place? (2)


So, I am trying to make it where:
An object with velocity stays in the same position.
Doesn’t rotate at all when in contact with an object. (as seen below)

How would I stop the part from doing this? Is it even possible? Let me know.

You can use an AngularVelocity and set it to (0,0,0)

I am using that and it gives me what is presented up there.

I see. The next thing I would try is using a script that detects changes to the part’s rotation, then forces it back to its original rotation by setting its Orientation property

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I didnt completely understand what you need, but I can help.

If you need a conveyor then set in a script the velocity of the object and anchor it

If you need a moving part then use tween service, so anchor the part and put a script that moves the part by using tween service (if you dont know how to use it then just watch a tutorial)

EDIT: just realized you need the part to move without an end. In that case you can use a script that moves that part by x,y,z each 0.05 seconds (do a loop)

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