How would i make a pathfinding script that mimics the exact movement of a player

Flood escape 2 does this with its escapees: The Hardest Rescue Missions in FE2 - YouTube
How would i mimic that? I have no clue how i’d go about doing this.

It seems like the NPC does more complex stuff than an NPC could do with the ROBLOX pathfinding, it could be custom pathfinding or the movement could be scripted. Or, a dev was playing and recording their cframes and it is just playing it back.

It could honestly be a mix of all of them.

I believe this resource will help you immensely full credit to 5uphi.

I’d do it as following:

  1. Detect when the player jumps
  2. Always move the NPC to the players position, except when they jump
  3. Wait until the player is no longer in the air
  4. Make the NPC jump to the players landing spot
    …and this can repeat on and on

the method i used was storing the player’s position in a table and then moving the character to that position.

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