How would I make a Portal Effect?

Hello, I am here today to ask the next question: How would I achieve this portal effect:
Most appropriate cattegories I found were this one and Art Design Support. But I was thinking I need some sort of script to do this and I put it here. Hopefully you know Portal / Portal 2, since that is the game using the effect. I know it is possible, since this game has it.

use viewport frames also check out the portal demo game(uncopylocked) by EgoMoose

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Yes, thats what I used for my portal game. I already use ViewPort Frames for the view, I do not think that could help

yes why dont you check out the uncopylocked game by EgoMoose

I already said I use the game, but I mean, as you can see, the portal’s PORTAL effect, that particle emitter effect, not viewport.

im not sure but i assume youre asking about how to make the blue and orange effect so probably use a texture/decal

You need a decal for it.

That too, but it is animated, how would I achieve THAT?

repeatedly change the decal or maybe try using video frame not sure how it works though

Nothing rellevant for video frame, thanks, I will try…