How would I make a robux goal

How would I make a robux goal counter were if you donate the goal goes up that amount like if the goal was 100 robux and you donated 40 it would say 40/100 but I want this to work for any player who donates so everyone can see it and if it reaches the goal a particle emits and the robux donated after that will just keep going up like 532/100 and then the next day it resets please help I have no clue how to even start and I cant script :frowning:

Hi, you should probably shift this topic to #help-and-feedback:scripting-support as it may get taken down by moderators!

Could you elaborate on what you meant by a Robux goal counter? Have you built any GUIs so far for this?

yes I have the guis i just want it to be sota like the big games my restaurant like goal just not likes but robux

When a player purchases a product or gamepass, you will need to save that in a data store. It could work like this, [player buys gamepass → bindable event or any other method → datastore scipt saves the data]