How would I make a rpg game more original?

I’m coming up with project ideas and eventually decided to plan a rpg game. I am aware that there are already a ton of RPG games which brings me to my question: how would I make a original RPG game? Here are a few ideas that I came up with.

  1. You play as the “bad guy” and have to conquer the world
  2. Your job is to take over multiple enemy camps
  3. In order to complete the game, you must collect 5 relics from each major “elemental” camp. This is done by first destroying every camp and defeating the gatekeeper that guards the entrance to a relic.
  4. It will have strategic elements such as recruiting troops, sending a certain group of troops to a camp, placing defensive buildings, and building a base where the troops and citizens will live.
  5. There would be multiple islands and a open-world environment for you to explore. This means there will be crafting, harvesting, hunting, selling, trading, and collecting.
  6. PBR textures and realistic foilage.

Please give your input on feedback/give suggestions to make the idea more original.


I really like the idea because I haven’t seen this much on roblox. Some idea I would like to add:

  • Offered to the player at the start of the game a choice between a different villain (demon, thief, fallen angel, etc.) and that the buildings be different depending on the chosen side.
  • Depending on the camp chosen, the player will have advantages and disadvantages.
  • Offer different classes to players (sorcerer, swordsman, tank, …)
  • And that the player can create their own character

Here I hope that will help you!

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From the snippet you have posted here it seems like a pretty original concept to me, just curious on how conquering the world would work, are multiple players competing for this position or is it more of a single-player type of interaction within the world?

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Kinda reminds of of OOT because you have to go to different camps and get “relics” but in OOT obviously they are medallions

I like this idea though you should try to make a prototype and see where it takes you

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It would be a solo player game. Basically the player has to take over every camp in the game, place the relics in the temple. This would seal the power of light and allow you to spread dark fog throughout the map, allowing you to control its inhabitants and essentially conquer the world.

That sounds interesting. If you want to add another layer of originality and replayability, you could make it a rogue-like, with a randomly generated map. It seems like 5 relics wouldn’t take too long to collect, so I think if you want people to re-play it, this type of concept seems interesting for a roguelike.