How would I make a star-citizen based terrain generating system?

How would I make terrain generating system simillar to star-citizens terrain generating system.

Like when you enter the planet’s region a loose-space of terrain is generated.
the loose-space of terrain will be the same for ever player in the server.
It will change based on various servers. I would like to know how hard it will be to achieve this and how would I do it?

I’ve tried finding a simillar topic and I could not find any.

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Could anybody respond to this, I really need help on finding this out.

If you take a look at Roblox’s article on terrain programming, you will get introduced to useful information for what you’re trying to achieve.

They also include, at the very bottom of the article, a pre-made module for procedural terrain generation. Here:

local Players = game:GetService("Players")
local BASE_HEIGHT 		= 10				-- The main height factor for the terrain.
local CHUNK_SCALE 		= 3 				-- The grid scale for terrain generation. Should be kept relatively low if used in real-time.
local RENDER_DISTANCE 	= 120 / 4 			-- The length/width of chunks in voxels that should be around the player at all times
local X_SCALE 			= 90 / 4			-- How much we should strech the X scale of the generation noise
local Z_SCALE 			= 90 / 4			-- How much we should strech the Z scale of the generation noise
local GENERATION_SEED	= math.random() 	-- Seed for determining the main height map of the terrain.
local chunks = {}
local function chunkExists(chunkX, chunkZ)
	if not chunks[chunkX] then
		chunks[chunkX] = {}
	return chunks[chunkX][chunkZ]
local function mountLayer(x, heightY, z, material)
	local beginY = -BASE_HEIGHT
	local endY = heightY
	local cframe = * 4 + 2, (beginY + endY) * 4 / 2, z * 4 + 2)
	local size =, (endY - beginY) * 4, 4)
	workspace.Terrain:FillBlock(cframe, size, material)	
function makeChunk(chunkX, chunkZ)
	local rootPosition = * CHUNK_SCALE, 0, chunkZ * CHUNK_SCALE)
	chunks[chunkX][chunkZ] = true -- Acknowledge the chunk's existance.
	for x = 0, CHUNK_SCALE - 1 do
		for z = 0, CHUNK_SCALE - 1 do
			local cx = (chunkX * CHUNK_SCALE) + x
			local cz = (chunkZ * CHUNK_SCALE) + z
			local noise = math.noise(GENERATION_SEED, cx / X_SCALE, cz / Z_SCALE)
			local cy = noise * BASE_HEIGHT
			mountLayer(cx, cy, cz, Enum.Material.Grass)
function checkSurroundings(location)
	local chunkX, chunkZ = math.floor(location.X / 4 / CHUNK_SCALE), math.floor(location.Z / 4 / CHUNK_SCALE)
	local range = math.max(1, RENDER_DISTANCE / CHUNK_SCALE)
	for x = -range, range do
		for z = -range, range do
			local cx, cz = chunkX + x
			local cz = chunkZ + z
			if not chunkExists(cx, cz) then
				makeChunk(cx, cz)
while true do
	for _, player in pairs(Players:GetPlayers()) do
		if player.Character then
			local humanoidRootPart = player.Character:FindFirstChild("HumanoidRootPart")
			if humanoidRootPart then

I suggest playing around with this code and ultimately forking it in order to get exactly what you’re looking for, as this is the closest thing to it. There are, however, two problems I can think of right now that might get in the way of your development:

1). Completely randomized generation. If a player wishes to return to a certain region on a planet after the server was unloaded, they’d fail to find it (though depending on your game style it can be a benefit to ensure luck and prevent players memorizing advantageous areas of the map).
2). I’m inferring that there would be choppy terrain when two different chunks are being loaded by two players coming together.

One other aspect that would be difficult to master is gravity and space altering if you go with a No Man’s Sky type open world game with spherical planets that load randomly upon reaching and saving player plots on randomized terrain. Lots of things to look into but I wish you the best of luck!

Nevermind both of the “issues” I thought would take place before trying out the module.

S1). You can set a world’s generation seed so it can be consistent across several servers. Just add an attribute or a value readable by the script in order for it to follow the same generation.
S2). With the generation seed, there will be no choppy generation when two players who are loading terrain meet.

Apologies for the misleading information, good luck again!