How would I make a tower save system like the one in JToH

(this is a repost) JToH means Jukes Towers of Hell. Anyways, I want to make a game using JToH obstacles that is NOT a fangame. Everytime I develop the game, one thing just comes across my mind at least once: How can I make a tower save system like in JToH that also saves when you go to other places inside the game (teleport service)?

What I’m going for isn’t exactly how it works in JToH. I want to make items that players can only collect ONCE unless they delete their save data. If you don’t know what I mean, Watch this video

(I couldn’t find a better video). Anyways, everytime you touch the winpad in this game, the amount of towers you completed (shown on the leaderboard) goes up. Once you beat that tower, if you beat it again, your tower count won’t go up until you beat a different tower. What I want to achieve is something like this, but win pads are all over the map and not just in towers

I have thought of some solutions before, but they were all messy and didn’t work. The ones that did work were unorganized. I then thought that if I could use the tower save system from JToH, it would be much more organized and simple.

Oh, so you want it so you can only win once on each tower?

You would make a table with the player’s completed towers, like this:

towerCompleted = {
	tower1 = true,
	tower2 = false,
	tower3 = true,

When you want to see if a player has completed a tower, you check the DataStore, and if they haven’t, you give them a win and then make it so the value for the tower is true, so they can’t complete it again.

how would I check the datastore? I’m kinda new to scripting

If you don’t know how, you are not fit to make a JTOH fangame yet.

don’t worry I already know how to make one long after this post was made. Also I was only asking on how to make a save system similar to JToH, not for a JToH fangame

Oh, alright! Sorry for the boldness right there.
I am making a JTOH fangame, and my approach is to store it in a dict in the datastore script. Once a player wins, it would check if the tower is in the list of towers the player has beaten, and add the tower to the wins list if it isn’t in the list.

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